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How to Verify a Professional's License in Evansville?

Authorities in Evansville City require professionals to obtain relevant professional licenses before taking on clients in the city. The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency is the primary licensing authority for Evansville professionals, and it issues 40 license types to professionals in the city. However, professionals such as contractors, tradesmen, and electricians also require city-level licenses from the City of Evansville Building Commission. Confirming the license of a professional in the city before hiring them for your project is the only way you can be assured that your professional is qualified to grant you quality services. To verify a professional's license in Evansville, you can search for their license records on the Indiana Web Lookup/Verification portal. You can also call the City of Evansville Building Commission via phone at (816) 436-7880 to verify a locally issued license.

After verifying a professional's license, you may need to obtain permits that authorize the commencement of certain projects. The Evansville Building Commission issues permits for work such as building alterations and building repair. Parties who fail to secure a permit before starting a job may be subject to fines and other administrative penalties. You can contact the city's Building Commission for information on the permits required for your project and for additional clarifications, you may have by phone at (812) 436-7880.

Do Evansville Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, Evansville neighborhood associations do not issue home improvement and construction-related permits. These 47 neighborhood associations of Evansville are registered with the United Neighborhoods of Evansville, a neighborhood umbrella organization, and they work together to enhance, promote, and preserve the city and neighborhoods. These associations also work in collaboration with the city council and the county council.

In January 2019, it was announced that the housing market in Evansville was in good shape, with rising costs creating a true seller's market. These rising costs were caused by the price of land, the process for land development, and the cost of building materials. In August 2021, it was also announced that Evansville City would be one of the beneficiaries of the state-planned $550 million fund for construction projects with the construction of a new Evansville Police Post and Lab in the city.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Evansville?

Unsatisfied customers who desire to file a complaint about the services of a business in Evansville can file their complaints with the Consumer Protection Division of the Indiana Attorney General's office. To file your complaint, you can fill a consumer complaint form and submit it online. Alternatively, you can call (800) 382-5516 or (317) 232-6330 to request a complaint form or download a copy that you can fill in. Completed forms should be sent by mail to:

  • Consumer Protection Division
  • Office of the Indiana Attorney General
  • 302 West Washington Street
  • 5th Floor
  • Indianapolis, IN 46204

The Consumer Protection Division will only investigate complaints where a transaction took place, and you are encouraged to include copies of documents that support your claim when filing a complaint. Communication with the Consumer Protection Division in response to your complaint will be by mail, and in some situations, your complaint may be referred to other agencies for adequate resolution. In line with its responsibilities of protecting public interests, the Attorney General can file suits against companies that violate consumer laws. However, these suits are filed on behalf of the state, as the Attorney General cannot prosecute cases on your behalf or offer you legal advice. If mediation between you and the professional or business entity is unsuccessful, and you wish to recover your funds, you can file a civil suit at the Vanderburgh County Small Claims Court. It is advisable to seek legal advice from a private attorney before filing a civil lawsuit. You can use the Evansville Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service to find a qualified attorney in the city. You can contact this service at (812) 463-3201 for more information.