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How to Verify a Professional's License in Fort Wayne?

Professionals residing in the City of Fort Wayne get licensed by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, which offers 40 different professional license types. However, certain building and construction professionals in Fort Wayne, such as contractors, are licensed by the Allen County Building Department. It is essential to make sure that a professional to be hired in Fort Wayne has obtained the necessary license through the appropriate agency. You can utilize the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency's Lookup/Verification platform to search and verify the licensing status of a Fort Wayne professional. You can also contact the Allen County Building Department at (260) 449-7131 to verify the validity of county-licensed building and construction professionals.

Depending on your project type, you may need to apply for some specific city-issued permits in addition to verifying your hired professional's license before commencing work. These usually include building permits, electric and sign permits, heating and non-sanitary permits, and plumbing and non-sanitary permits. Fort Wayne permits are issued by the Permit & Development Office of the Allen County Building Department and you can confirm the applicable permits relevant to your projects by contacting the department at (260) 449-7131.

Do Fort Wayne Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, neighborhood associations in Fort Wayne do not issue permits. The diverse Fort Wayne neighborhood associations typically connect with the residents to help achieve collective goals by involving themselves in developmental matters that improve the quality of life in their respective areas. For instance, in 2020, the city demolished the acquired building at 301 West Superior Street to accommodate a temporary parking lot in response to the need for more parking areas. Similarly, the city's Public Works Division, in partnership with the Fort Wayne Public Art Commission, is proposing that a sculpture be installed at the center of the Five Points intersection at Goshen Avenue and Sherman Boulevard to complement the city's recently completed Phase I of the Goshen Avenue reconstruction and modernization project.

The Fort Wayne neighborhood associations are divided into four quadrants, and you can access information on where your neighborhood falls via the following quadrant maps:

Also, each quadrant has an area partnership where all the neighborhood association leaders discuss mutual areas of interest, and you can use the city's area partnership information page for more information on your quadrant's meeting days and locations.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Fort Wayne?

The Indiana Attorney General's Office investigates and prosecutes complaints of unfair business activities that occur in the City of Fort Wayne. You can file an unfair business complaint with this office by completing an online Consumer Complaint Form. You can also direct your complaint to the Fort Wayne Police Department if your complaint involves suspected criminal offenses. Note that both the Indiana Attorney General's Office and the Fort Wayne Police Department cannot institute a civil action on your behalf. If your claim for damages or compensation against a professional or business in Fort Wayne is not more than $10,000, then you can file a civil action in an Allen County Small Claims Court. Small claims courts generally function to provide aggrieved parties with easy and inexpensive access to legal recourse and they adopt a procedure that is more informal than that of other civil courts. You can get assistance on how to proceed with your claims by contacting the Allen County Bar Association at (260) 423-2359 or online to get referrals to qualified lawyers near you.

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