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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mover in Indianapolis

Over the last decade, every year, about 10 percent of Americans move to a new city or neighborhood. People moving into Indianapolis are attracted by the city's low unemployment rate, fascinating neighborhoods with a small-town feel, numerous sporting events, affordability of life, and location in the Midwest. If you are considering moving into the city or changing neighborhoods in the metropolis, it will be smart to work with a moving company that can provide you with satisfactory answers to these questions:

Are You Licensed to Practice as a Moving Company in Indianapolis?

Residents of Indianapolis can transport personal effects and household goods through moving companies. Moving companies are required to apply for an intrastate operating authority issued by the Motor Carrier Services Department of the Indiana Department of Revenue. The Motor Carrier Services issues three types of Indiana operating authority.

  • Permanent Authority
  • Temporary Authority
  • Emergency Temporary Authority

Interested parties that wish to obtain a permanent operating authority may do so by completing an application online. Alternatively, applicants can fill out Application Form: 700 and Application Form: IOA-1. Meanwhile, individuals applying for a temporary and emergency and temporary operating authority can apply online or fill out Application Form: 703 and Application Form: IOA-1. The applicants can send the completed application forms to:

Indiana Department of Revenue
Motor Carrier Services
P.O. Box 6075
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6075

The Motor Carrier Services also has the option of submitting the completed form through an expedited mail:

Indiana Department of Revenue
Motor Carrier Services
7811 Milhouse Road,
Suite M
Indianapolis, IN 46241-9612

The Motor Carrier Services Department also provides in-person services at their office located at 7811 Milhouse Road, Suite M, Indianapolis, IN, 46241, on Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Apart from submitting the completed application forms for the relevant Indiana operating authority, applicants must meet certain requirements. These include:

  • Paying a stipulated filing fee. $180 for permanent authority and $100 for temporary and emergency temporary operating authority respectively.
  • Submit a financial statement
  • Submit an applicant statement
  • Submit a supporting statement
  • Providing proof of insurance
  • Submit a tariff statement

Before hiring a moving company in the City of Indianapolis, make sure that they have a valid state-issued operating authority. Doing so not only provides you with a measure of confidence that the company will provide you with the best possible service, but it also ensures that they are not violating any laws. You can confirm the status of the company's intrastate operating authority by contacting the Motor Carrier Services Department at (317) 615-7200.

If you plan to move to a different state and need to hire a mover to carry out the interstate move, make sure that the person you hire has a Motor Carrier number. Also, the mover must have registered with the Federal Motor Safety Agency. The Mover Carriers Service Department in Indiana can assist you with any questions regarding the registration requirements of licensed and insured moving companies by contacting them at (317) 615-7200.

While most movers in Indianapolis are required to obtain intrastate and interstate operating authority from the state to operate in Indianapolis, they also have to meet various other requirements before legally operating in the city. Moving Companies must register their business online with the Business Services Division of the Indiana Secretary of State before they offer services Indianapolis. In addition, applicants will need to register their moving business with the Internal Revenue Services for Employers Identification Number and the Indiana Department of Revenue for other relevant taxes.

You can get additional information on the Indianapolis business registration and tax process by contacting the Indiana Business Services Division at (317) 234-9768. You can also confirm if your intended moving business is registered with the state by utilizing the business search platform provided by the state's Business Services Division.

How Much Do You Charge Compared with Other Movers in Indianapolis?

In the City of Indianapolis, movers use various methods to determine their charges. These include distance-based rates, hourly rates, and a combination of these. When it comes to total charges, the amount you will be charged depends on several factors. For instance, the time and date of your move are the most important factors when it comes to planning a successful move. The location of your items and the obstacles you'll encounter during the move are also considered. Aside from moving services, other services considered include the preparation of furniture and the removal of personal effects.

It's always a good idea to get and compare written cost estimates from multiple moving companies in order to find the most suitable possible price. Ensure that the moving company thoroughly inspects the items they're moving before providing their estimates. Doing so will help you get the best possible price and avoid getting ripped off.

Transportation and material moving workers Indianapolis earn an average annual wage of $39,870. The list below compares the average hourly wages earned by these workers in the city against those of transportation and material moving workers in other parts of the State of Indiana as well as several other major cities in the country:

Indianapolis Movers Hourly Average Wage
Indiana Movers Hourly Average Wage
Los Angeles Movers Hourly Average Wage
Chicago Movers Hourly Average Wage
Philadelphia Movers Hourly Average Wage
New York City Movers Hourly Average Wage
Houston Movers Hourly Average Wage
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Will You Get a Moving Permit as Required by Indianapolis Regulations?

Movers in Indianapolis are required to obtain an oversize/overweight vehicle permit before traveling on any Indianapolis or any other Indiana roads if their vehicle exceeds:

  • 13 feet 6 inches in height
  • 8 feet 6 inches in width
  • 60 feet (two-vehicle combination)
  • 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (subject to axle weights)

If a carrier fails to obtain the necessary permits to transport goods or vehicles in Indiana, it is subject to a civil penalty of not more than $5,000. The oversized/overweight permits are issued by the Indiana Department Of Revenue's Motor Carrier Services Department. These permits are issued according to the rules and guidelines established by the Indiana Department of Transportation. The Motor Carrier Services Department helps drivers make sure that their loads are properly marked and ensures the safety of the other motorists.

Interested individuals can apply for an oversized/overweight vehicle permit and pay applicable fees online via the Indiana Motor Carrier Application portal. Applicants will be required to set up a user account or sign in with an existing account. Alternatively, applicants can fill out and submit a Form M-233 via mail or in person at:

Motor Carrier Services
Oversized/Overweight Vehicle Permitting
7811 Milhouse Road,
Suite M
Indianapolis, IN 46241

All operators of vehicles carrying overweight or oversized permits in Indiana must follow all of the requirements of Form M-204. Queries concerning Indianapolis parking permits can be directed to the Motor Carriers Service of the Indiana Department of Revenue at (317) 615-7200 on Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What Kind of Moving Services Do You Offer?

Having the right movers that cater to your needs is very important to get the best possible service. In Indianapolis, there are various types of moving services typically offered by different moving companies. These include:

  • Interstate moving services
  • Local moving services
  • Long-distance moving services

Interstate moves are often made outside the state of Washington which involve moving to another state in the country. Local moves are typically made within the City of Seattle. Some moving companies also provide specialized services such as handling the storage and transportation of items such as pianos and hot tubs.

Before you hire a moving company in Indianapolis, make sure that they have the necessary equipment and resources to handle the different aspects of your move. Aside from the equipment, you also need to get a written estimate of the cost of the moving services that they would provide. Below are some of the cost estimates that various moving companies in Indianapolis can provide for their services:

Local residential movers
$116 - $133 per hour (2 movers and truck)
Office or commercial movers
$60 - $90
Piano movers
$326 - $365
Mobile home moving
$2,790.38 - $3,458.69 (single wide trailer; local move less than 50 miles)
Moving out of studio apartment
$300 - $380 (includes the cost of packing and unpacking items)
Moving out of one-bedroom apartment
$390 - $460 (includes cost of packing and unpacking items)
Moving out of two-bedroom apartment
$465 - $540 (includes cost of packing and unpacking items)
Moving out of three or four-bedroom apartment
$720 - $1,300 (includes cost of packing and unpacking items)
Storage services
$61 - $355 (for up to 30 days)

Do You Provide Packing and Storage Services?

It is common for homeowners to outsource the packing and move of their items to a local moving company in Indianapolis to reduce the stress of their move. It is always a good idea to work with a moving company with the necessary experience and resources to handle your moving needs. These companies may also oversee the entire process of moving your items, like packing and unpacking your items. For a seamless moving experience, it is advisable to work with one company that will handle the whole moving process for you, including packing and unpacking your items. Packing options typically offered by movers in the city include:

  • Full packing and unpacking services
  • Partial packing and unpacking services
  • Used box pick-up and disposal services
  • Professional box handling and organization services
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly services

You may also need additional storage services when you're relocating. These may be needed in certain situations in the city.

  • The new home is smaller, and you do not have enough space to accommodate all your items.
  • You need to move quickly and safely, and these items may not be safe at your former home.
  • You need to make sure you are settled in before moving your items into your new home.

You should also confirm the types of services that the company provides and the conditions of their storage facility. This will allow you to make an informed decision regarding the cost of these services. Some companies also provide their customers with packing materials, which can help them cut down on their costs. It is important to find out if the company you intend to hire provides these moving services.

What is an Appropriate Tip for Your Movers in Indianapolis?

In Indianapolis, tipping your movers is not a requirement. However, many homeowners do it to show their appreciation for the work that these movers do especially when they perform their duties efficiently and effectively. Typically, the various factors that affect the amount that the homeowners tip a moving company include:

  • Where the move was difficult
  • The items to be moved were handled, especially those classified as fragile.
  • The size and weight of items being moved
  • Weather conditions on the day of the move
  • The movers' punctuality
  • The movers' general demeanor
  • The way the movers handle your items

Although there is no official tipping standard for moving in the city, many homeowners are willing to give up a portion of their bill to help their movers. Most homeowners offer 5% - 10% of their total bill or $3.50 - $15 for each hour of work. You can also inquire from the moving company about their expectations regarding a fair tip before finalizing a moving service contract.

If you are not satisfied with your movers' work, you should report them to the company immediately. If they demand tips or engage in other unprofessional behavior, you should also report them to their company.

Do You Carry the Necessary Insurance Policy for Movers in Indianapolis?

The cost of road crashes in the US is estimated to be around $380 million annually. It is important to hire a moving company that has the necessary insurance to cover you in the event of an accident while moving your items. Doing so can help minimize the financial impact of an injury and property damage during your move.

The Indiana Department of Revenue's Motor Carrier Services Division provides insurance requirements designed to protect moving companies operating in the City of Indianapolis. These include:

  • For-hire carriers transporting nonhazardous property in a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,001 lbs. or more must carry insurance coverage of $750,000.
  • For-hire carriers transporting nonhazardous property in a vehicle with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs. or less must carry insurance coverage of $300,000.

Note that if you have a current homeowners or renters insurance policy, it will not cover damages that might happen during your move. You can request a copy of your intended moving carrier's insurance policy before finalizing the hiring process. In addition, you should contact their insurance provider to confirm the insurance policy is still active. Before you hire a moving company, it's important that you thoroughly check their insurance policy to make sure that it covers the items that you will be moving. For more information regarding the insurance requirements, you can contact the Motor Carrier Services Department at (317) 615-7200.

Can You Provide References or Recommendations in Indianapolis?

Before you hire a moving company in the City of Indianapolis, you must have references from other people these movers have worked for. Indianapolis' professional movers are known to provide references to potential customers, showing their reliability and reputation.

If the company you're considering doesn't provide verifiable references, this is a red flag that they are not an excellent service-oriented firm. It's also good to check out their reviews on various third-party review websites such as Google and the Better Business Bureau.

How to File a Complaint Against a Bad Moving Company in Indianapolis

While there are many professional and legitimate moving companies in Indianapolis, some companies are operating under the guise of being legitimate movers. These companies typically try to trick their victims into giving them money for their services. Some of the red flags that you should look for in a potential scam are:

  • Before the job is performed, the moving company demands full payment.
  • The moving company does not have a record of its contact information in the local area.
  • The company uses unmarked vehicles that don't have company logos.
  • The moving company will typically tell their victims that they're okay with giving them verbal estimates and undermine the need for a written estimate.
  • Instead of inspecting the items, they are moving. The company will provide an estimate that doesn't include the necessary inspection.
  • The company might also be hesitant to provide you with references or other verifiable information about their past clients.

You should always be on the lookout for potential scams when it comes to hiring movers for a planned move in and out of Indianapolis. Several tips can help prevent getting ripped off by a moving company. These include

  • Ensure you thoroughly research the intended moving company and the various services they offer in the city. You can also ask trusted sources like friends and family members for referrals to reputable local movers. In addition to this, you can use reputable websites like the Better Business Bureau and Yelp to find movers in Indianapolis.
  • Execute a written contract before any of your possessions are placed in the company's truck. This document should also include a "Not to Overcharge'' price. This ensures that the moving company does not bill you unexpectedly when the moving commences.
  • Before signing any documents, make sure that you understand them. This will allow you not to sign a document that could make you lose more money.
  • Ensure that your intended mover provides written estimates that include all the necessary details. Note that the mover should drop estimates only after thoroughly inspecting the items to be moved.
  • Be wary of any moving company that requests full payment upfront. This can be a sign that the company is not trustworthy.
  • Make sure that the moving company you are considering has adequate insurance coverage. It is also a good idea to ask about their transit protection options.
  • Ensure you take a proper inventory of all of your items to be moved. This can be done by taking photos or videotaping them.
  • Keep records of all of the documents that you signed. This will allow you to review them before the start of the process, and it will help you make claims in the event of the movers defrauding you.
  • Always confirm that the Motor Carrier Services Department of the Indiana Department of Revenue has duly authorized your intended mover to provide moving services in Indianapolis by contacting the department at (317) 615-7200. It's also important to make sure that the movers can legally conduct their business in the city by utilizing the business search platform provided by the Indiana Business Services Division or by making use of the Uhire online license search platform

If you have a complaint about the deceptive services or activities of a moving company that you hired, you can file it with the Indiana Attorney General's Office. The Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division is responsible for investigating and resolving complaints related to the Deceptive Consumer Sales Act. It also takes legal action against companies and individuals that violate Indiana's laws. Interested individuals can file a complaint online or fill out and submit a fillable complaint form via mail to

Office of the Indiana Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
Government Center South,
302 W. Washington Street
5th Floor
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 232-6330

If it is a complaint regarding an interstate move, then it falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Agency. To file a complaint, you can call the agency's toll-free number at 1-888-368-7238 between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Alternatively, you can file a complaint online by utilizing the complaint portal.