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How to Verify a Professional's License in Indianapolis?

The duty of licensing professionals in the City of Indianapolis is handled by several agencies. These include the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, which licenses about 40 different types of professionals operating in Indianapolis. Likewise, the licensing of construction, home repair, and home improvement professionals is handled at the city level by the Indianapolis Department of Business and Neighborhood Services. Note that the City of Indianapolis, which also doubles as the county seat of Marion County, handles the licensing of this category of professionals for the county as a whole. Before you commence any project, you must ensure that the professional you are hiring is properly licensed. You can use the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency's Lookup/Verification platform to search and verify state-licensed Indianapolis professionals. You can also use the online licensed contractor list maintained by the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services, or you contact the department at (317) 327-8700 for license verification.

Apart from verifying a professional's license, you must also ensure you obtain all necessary permits applicable to your projects. You will typically be required to obtain city-issued permits before you legally commence any work in construction and home improvement-related projects. The Permit, Licensing, and Inspection Office of the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services issues the different types of permits and you can direct your permit-related queries to this department via phone number (317) 327-8700.

Do Indianapolis Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, Indianapolis neighborhood associations do not issue permits. However, these associations shape their neighborhoods' identity, especially on matters of development that impact the quality of life and investments of the residents within the neighborhoods. For instance, Butler University & Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association partnered with the Indianapolis Department of Public Works under the 2020 Indianapolis Neighborhood Infrastructure Partnership to install new sidewalks on both sides of Clarendon Road from 42nd Street to Hampton Drive. Similarly, the Old Southside Neighborhood Association and the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership are developing single-family affordable homes and leading an owner-occupied repair loan to boost new homeownership opportunities in the neighborhood. There are several registered neighborhood associations within the City of Indianapolis and you can find out if there is an organized neighborhood association where you live by using the City of Indianapolis's map of registered organizations.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Indianapolis?

Complaints about unfair business practices in the City of Indianapolis can be filed with the Indiana Attorney General's office by completing an online Consumer Complaint Form. Alternatively, you can download and complete the fillable Consumer Complaint Form and then send the completed form via fax to (317) 233-4393. You can also send this form via mail to:

  • Consumer Protection Division
  • Office of the Indiana Attorney General
  • 302 W. Washington Street
  • 5th Floor
  • Indianapolis, IN 46204

Upon receipt of your complaint, the Indiana Attorney Generals' Office typically reviews and investigates it to determine the next course of action. Note that if the complaint is criminal in nature, the office will prosecute the subject of such complaint. You can also report complaints alleging criminal offenses to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department for investigation or referral to a more appropriate agency. In some cases, the complaint may be civil, involving a claim for damages caused by loss to property or for recovery of money sum. You can file a civil lawsuit with the Indianapolis Small Claims Court if your claims do not exceed $8000. Note that small claims cases are different from the typical civil cases in that the rules of procedure are informal, and litigants are typically self-represented. However, it is still a good idea to get legal advice on how to proceed with your claims by contacting the Indianapolis Bar Association at (317) 269-2000.